The Violet Protocol

By admin | June 19, 2011

If you suffer from endometriosis, you may have come across the term, “The Violet Protocol“.  This is a set of steps which, when followed, can dramatically ease the symptoms of endometriosis with many followers claiming that their own condition has been completely eradicated.

Violet Rubenstein is a French woman who spent many years healing women with endometriosis whilst she worked as an alternative practitioner.  She was introduced to Zoe Brown, the writer of the “Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol” via a mutual contact who had herself been a sufferer of endometriosis.

Zoe was so inspired by Violet and the work she did both for her and hundreds of other endometriosis sufferers that she painstakingly catalogued all the steps which Violet recommended to the patients visiting her in her practice.

The Violet Protocol

This is a holistic approach which, unlike conventional treatment which manages the symptoms, aims to discover and treat the root causes of endometriosis, meaning that not only do you get relief from your symptoms, but a complete cure.  It is based around the fact that conditions such as endometriosis are caused by imbalances within the body and that “rebalancing” can bring about a cure.

There are 10 main principles involved in The Violet Protocol. I can’t go into the lengthy processes in this post, but have given brief details below.

  1. Location of toxins in your environment
  2. Facing the actual condition of your body and using a “miracle substance” which can help dissolve dead cells without damaging healthy ones
  3. Cleansing of digestive system before healing can take place
  4. Starting diet for endometriosis to address chemical imbalances
  5. Use of progesterone cream where appropriate
  6. Addressing the problem of Reactive Oxygen Species using a particular little-known substance
  7. Use of sitz baths
  8. Taking recommended herbs and teas
  9. Taking supplements to coincide with the beginning of a strictly controlled diet
  10. Acknowledgment of the changes and acceptance of a new lifestyle to ensure that endometriosis does not return

This list is obviously just a very condensed summary of the extensive yet simple steps involved within the Violet Protocol.  Zoe Brown goes into extensive detail about what needs to be done, laying out the steps with true clarity.  For example, the first step alone has 10 sub-headings and covers around 6 pages!  The remaining 9 steps are also covered in meticulous detail.

Although it is acknowledged that some women can get partial symptomatic relief from following just some of the steps of the Violet Protocol, it must be  stressed that the steps need to be completed in their entirety to guarantee complete relief from endometriosis.

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Although you may see various systems for help with eliminating endometriosis, there is no doubt that The Violet Protocol is tried, tested and, most importantly, trusted by its many advocates.

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