Natural Ways to Treat Endometriosis At Home

By admin | April 23, 2012

There are a number of natural ways to treat endometriosis in the comfort of your own home and these measures really can help. If you have found conventional treatment unsatisfactory, then perhaps it is time to give home treatment a try.

Endometriosis is a baffling condition that affects over eighty million women in many different ways.  Some women feel the effects of the disease in many traumatic ways while other women do not have the serious side effects, and often can get through life with minimal interference.   However, the majority of women will not be among the few that only have limited side effects.  Sadly, the side effects can impose on a woman’s life leaving her to feel helpless, alone, and depressed.

For many women, endometriosis brings with it an inability to have children, or at least problems in conceiving, compounding the emotional and painful disease and changing the dynamics of her life.

The astounding thing about the disease is the many people it effects and the little that is known.  There is scientific evidence as to the development of the disease, and there is no known cure that has been medically approved to treat the disease.  What is known is that the disease shows up in the form of small growths within the abdomen and other areas of the body which are similar to the tissue which grows inside the womb each month. These growths are non-cancerous and will not usually threaten a woman’s life; however, they can alter her lifestyle completely if left untreated.

Hysterectomies are often performed and there is a school of thought that these are not really necessary. With a hysterectomy, many women who wanted to have children are now unable bear children.  Endometriosis for many women complicates fertility, and pregnancy, however, other women have successfully carried their babies to term.  The range and temperament in symptoms vary dramatically from woman to woman and prior to any form of drastic surgery, then natural ways to treat endometriosis should be considered first.

Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis

Because many women are very adamant against hysterectomies or other form of surgeries, there are other natural ways to treat the disease.  Women that choose to try more natural ways of treating endometriosis can alter their diet.  Diet plays a role in a many health ailments and endometriosis is one of them.  While improper diet does not cause the disease, poor diet does complicate the growths and symptoms.  By reducing chemical dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyl, which are found in animal fats, and direct links to the aggravation of the growths, you will begin healing by using natural remedies.

Other dietary natural alternatives are eating vegetables that contain the compounds called indoles, which have been proven to improve estrogen metabolism.  These compounds are found in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprout and bok choy.  In addition, flaxseed, which his high in lignans and fiber has been found to be helpful in conditions that are related to estrogen.

Progesterone cream is not a healing agent but has been known to alleviate the symptoms of the disease because it is believed that is slows the growth of the endometrial tissues. You should arm yourself with lots of information before trying this as it does involve the introduction of hormones to the body. However, some women will swear by its effectiveness.

Like most diseases, reducing stress is a vital component in alleviating pain and symptoms.  It is also a way of working through the debilitating illness as well.  Stress can compound the symptoms and has been known to have effects on the growths – while there is no concrete scientific evidence, stress does increase certain hormones within the body which in turn can disrupt hormonal imbalances. Indeed, stress is a fundamental negative component in many diseases.

Until there is a cure for the disease, natural remedies will be sought and are often better than the conventional alternatives. Acupuncture, healthy diet, eating right, prostaglandin is all proactive ways of attacking the disease and fighting the symptoms.  They are strong alternatives over laparoscopies and hysterectomies or any other invasive procedure that the patient is not willing to try-and often for good reason.

For an excellent system incorporating many natural ways to treat endometriosis, you could consider trying out the Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol. This is a tried and tested method with lots of tips for endometriosis sufferers to shrink endometrial deposits without surgery.

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