How To Shrink Endometriosis Naturally

By admin | February 20, 2012

If you have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and you are not too keen on using pharmaceutical medications, you may be curious about how to shrink endometriosis naturally. Endometriosis which is a condition affecting many women around the world is a disorder in which cells from the uterus lining migrate and grow in other parts of the body such as the ovaries, the abdomen and the fallopian tube. It is characterized by infertility, heavy periods and many times excruciating pain. While the exact cause of the condition is unknown, there are several treatment options available not least of which are ways the body naturally treats endometriosis on its own.

How To Shrink Endometriosis Naturally-The Body’s Own Solution

Amazingly the body has its own ways to shrink endometriosis naturally. It has been observed by medical practitioners that during pregnancy and menopause the body is able to naturally shrink and ultimately cure endometriosis. When a woman becomes pregnant her body produces approximately twenty times more progesterone than it usually does. This increase in progesterone regulates the amount of estrogen present in the body and causes endometriosis to diminish. Most women will not experience a recurrence of endometriosis after giving birth.

Another way how to shrink endometriosis naturally is to just wait for menopause to kick in. It is generally believed that when a woman reaches menopause and her ovaries cease to function, endometriosis will go away on its own. This is due to the fact that many women seem to be cured of endometriosis when they reach menopause. This view has also led to the use of hysterectomy in the treatment of endometriosis.

Natural Progesterone To Shrink Endometriosis

As mentioned before, when the body produces progesterone during pregnancy there is a resultant decrease in endometriosis and in most cases the condition is cured by pregnancy. Medical professionals are now using natural progesterone as a way how to shrink endometriosis naturally. Natural progesterone is biologically identical to the one produces by the body and is used to trick the body into thinking it’s pregnant, thereby curing the disorder. This kind of progesterone is different from the one found in birth control pills and are generally considered to be free of harmful side effects.

The process of using natural progesterone as a way how to shrink endometriosis naturally is one which may take some time and requires some amount of patience. Natural progesterone can take up to six months to cure endometriosis. This is done by using a progesterone cream between the sixth and twenty sixth day of your menstrual cycle then stopping just before your period starts. Continuous use over the six months period will result in a gradual decrease in pain and inflammation caused by the disorder. The use of natural progesterone may not completely eradicate the pain associated with your monthly period but it will definitely significantly reduce it.

When it comes to ways how to shrink endometriosis naturally, nature has already provided us with innate healing properties. Pregnancy and menopause are natural cures to endometriosis that are free and effective. Where these are not viable options the use of natural progesterone is certainly a feasible alternative.

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