How To Ease Endometriosis

By admin | January 9, 2012

Many women around the world suffer from the discomfort of endometriosis. This has led many on a quest to find out how to ease endometriosis. There are many methods available some tried and true, others not so reliable and those that will work for others but not for you. Here we discuss a few ways how to ease endometriosis.

Obviously one way to help stem the discomfort from endometriosis is to visit your physician and have him prescribe you something for the pain. Doctors are equipped and knowledgeable and would be capable of helping you ease the pain.

If you are averse to medications or doctors there are other ways how to ease endometriosis. For example, one way to ease endometriosis pain is by placing a heating bag or warm towel on the pelvic. The cramps and pain associated with endometriosis may also be relieved by soaking in a bath of warm water for a while. The heat relaxes the muscles and soothes the pain away.

Changing your diet is also another way how to ease endometriosis. Including omega-3 fatty acids in the diet has been shown to reduce the impact of endometriosis including the pain it causes. Salmon and artichokes are really great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand reducing things like dioxins in the diet is another way to treat endometriosis naturally. Dioxins are found in whole milk and fatty red meat. It is recommended that women suffering from endometriosis use fat free milk and lean meat instead.

For some women who suffer from endometriosis, home remedies are not always a long term solution for them. However, they are always worth trying first as for some women, they turn out the be a permanent answer. More drastic measures may have to be taken as a way how to ease endometriosis, but of course it must be remembered that even prescription meds are not normally a long term solution.  For instance, women with heavy bleeding and severe pain may opt to go on birth control which will stop the menstrual cycle and reduce the growth of endometrial tissue both in the uterus and other parts of the body. While birth control is not a cure in and of itself it does help with pain management and heavy bleeding. If a woman chooses to get off birth control endometriosis may recur.

Another more drastic measure is to undergo surgery as a way how to ease endometriosis. Surgery is usually reserved for women with extreme cases of endometrioses, who are unable to get pregnant and experience unbearable levels of pain. Usually, in these cases a laparoscopy is done to remove endometrial tissue growth using a laser. The endometriosis can and may return after this surgery. Those women who have no desire to have children in the future for whatever reason may choose to have a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus as a means of how to ease endometriosis. Hysterectomy is for women with extremely severe cases of the disorder and if this method is chosen it will result in infertility in the woman.

When considering how to ease endometriosis, each woman affected by the disorder should carefully consider the pros and cons of each choice and how it will impact their life before making a choice.

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