How To Cure Endometriosis Naturally

By admin | December 18, 2011

If you are looking at how to cure endometriosis naturally, then it is important to understand something about the characteristics of the condition itself. Endometriosis is a disorder affecting many women across the world. It is a condition in which lining from the uterus wall migrates and becomes embedded in other areas of the body like the abdomen, fallopian tube and ovaries. It causes a significant amount of pain for many women who suffer from the disorder and is characterized by heavy periods and infertility. The exact cause of the disorder remains largely shrouded in mystery but there are a number of treatment options available to women with the disorder. As far as a cure goes, the body can find its own way to cure endometriosis naturally.

It has been found that the body seems to deal with endometriosis without intervention during pregnancy and menopause. During pregnancy the body produces about twenty times the amount of progesterone which it usually produces and this helps to regulate the amount of estrogen in the body. With the increase in progesterone and decrease in estrogen the symptoms of endometriosis begin to disappear. Many women do not have a recurrence of endometriosis after the give birth. Therefore, pregnancy is one way to cure endometriosis naturally.

As mentioned before, menopause is considered another way to cure endometriosis naturally. When a woman reaches menopause it is believed that with the cessation of her ovary functions, endometriosis will disappear. This view is held because many women with endometriosis have reportedly been cured of the disorder once menopause sets in. This view that with the loss of ovarian function endometriosis can be cured naturally, has also given rise to the belief that by removing the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus endometriosis may be cured. These notions are still very much the topic of much debate.

It is not debatable however that progesterone plays a huge role when looking at how to cure endometriosis naturally. As discussed above the progesterone released into the body as a result of pregnancy helps to shrink the deposits in the abdomen and on other internal organs, thus providing a natural cure for endometriosis. This has led to the use of natural progesterone to treat endometriosis by tricking the body into believing it is pregnant.  Natural progesterone is not like the progesterone found in birth control pills. It is biologically identical to that found in the body and has little or no side effects. Taking natural progesterone is therefore believed to be a safe way to help cure endometriosis naturally.

Using natural progesterone as a treatment to shrink endometrial tissue requires some patience. Doctors have found that using natural progesterone can take anywhere between four and six months, so it is not a fast cure. Curing endometriosis naturally with natural progesterone treatment consists of using natural progesterone cream from the sixth to the twenty-sixth day of the menstrual cycle each month and then stopping just before the period starts. Over the four to six months the monthly pain will decrease gradually as the inflammatory areas get healed and the monthly bleeding into the deposits reduces. While the discomforted associated with your monthly cycle may not go away completely, it will definitely become more tolerable. The use of natural progesterone to treat endometriosis in a natural way has seen significant success and gives hope to women living with the disease.

In addition, an endometriosis diet can also help women looking at how to cure endometriosis naturally.

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