Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol Review

By admin | February 26, 2012

I decided to do this Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol review after receiving a considerable amount of positive feedback from ladies who had used the system successfully.  It can be very difficult to know what works and what doesn’t when you are buying something online so reviews can often be very helpful indeed.

Zoe Brown wrote the Endometriosis Bible after suffering from the condition herself for several years and finally finding a solution.  This was based on discovering and dealing with the triggers of endometriosis rather than managing the symptoms, which is the conventional way of treating the problem. Unfortunately, this does not work in the long term.

Zoe connects with her readers by her wonderfully engaging writing style, offering complete empathy and understanding.  You can really tell that she has been in that terrible situation-this is indeed no faceless, medical writer!

Nevertheless, her extensive and intimate knowledge which she gained as a researcher and sufferer herself means that she also has complete authority on the topic and within the Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol is able to offer real, workable solutions based not only on her own experience but on that of her mentor, Violet.

Zoe was 32 when she discovered that she had endometriosis. At the time, she was engaged to her then-boyfriend and although she had previously had painful periods, there was nothing which would have prepared her for what was to come.

She visited her doctor after trying for a baby for 8 months and to cut a long story short, it was as a result of this visit that she discovered that the problem was endometriosis.

This led to relationship problems as well as issues at work for Zoe. She was considering surgery when she heard about Violet, an alternative practitioner with over 25 years of experience.  Although being very skeptical at first, this soon changed when by the third period after meeting her, she was pain-free.

Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol Review

So, there’s the background, but lets look into the system itself.

Violet herself had spent many years working on endometriosis research and developing an alternative package of treatment which would help sufferers who simply were not helped by conventional medication.  It is the basis of Violet’s system which Zoe has used.

For the purpose of this Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol review, we shall look at how the system is structured.  Generally speaking, the ebook is split into two parts.  The first 200 or so pages form probably the most comprehensive book you have ever read on the subject-with 16 Chapters split into topics ranging from conventional treatments, pain management, nutrition and, of course, what is thought to cause endometriosis to form.  Indeed, I have read this through a few times and simply cannot think of any subject which isn’t covered. Indeed, I have never come across such a comprehensive resource before.  There are no assumptions as to your level of knowledge.  This is suitable for those who know very little about the condition and I believe it contains some real eye-opening information for self-proclaimed “experts” too.

The remaining 100 or so pages deal with the Violet Protocol itself.  This then supplies you with the precise steps you need to take to begin to shrink the endometrial tissue and prevent any further growth.  The belief is that there are a range of reasons why endometriosis grows and by eliminating each and every one of these root causes, you can be completely free of the condition within a few months.

Now, what I am not going to say in this Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol review is that this is going to be very easy.  The actual steps involved are not at all difficult, but you do need to be prepared to persevere.  Treating endometriosis naturally is really an option for ladies who are prepared to take full and complete control of their own healing, rather than expecting to be able to take a couple of pills and be cured.  You must be aware that you will need to make changes to your lifestyle and what you eat, and for some people this is a difficult process.  I often say to ladies to think about dieting-you know what you have to do, but actually “doing it” is not always as easy as it can seem from the outside!

For those who are prepared to put their faith in the system and realize that you are only talking about a few weeks before you will see real, tangible results, it is well worth it.

The Endometriosis Bible comes in a downloadable ebook which means that there is no wait for shipping.  Indeed, you will get access within minutes of paying.  Many ladies find that by following the protocols, they can see a difference within a month or so and  a significant number have complete recovery within 4 months.

Endometriosis Bible Review Final Thoughts

There are a couple of very important points which I must mention in this Endometriosis Bible and Violet Protocol review.  First of all, one of the best features by far is the fact that you receive 3 months free online counseling to help with any aspect of the protocol.  Secondly, as with any reputable online purchase, you are able to obtain  full, no questions asked refund within 60 days.

Learn tips on how to shrink endometriosis naturally.

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